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Looking for an BOGART Bail Bondsman? Athens Bonding Company may be your fastest and most reliable way to get out of jail. If you are being held in custody as a result of an arrest, our bail bonds service can help you obtain a quick release. Probably the greatest advantage our bail bondsman in BOGART can offer is to make it affordable to release you from custody so you can be with your family. Your freedom will give you the chance to take care of your loved ones and meet their needs by continuously working while waiting for your case to proceed. This is much more beneficial than sitting in jail. While awaiting your bail hearing, your family can contact our office to secure the information required to obtain your bond. The bondsman will evaluate your assets and equity including your home, vehicle and other property to be considered as collateral. Our bail bondsman in BOGART can be ready to have you released within just a few hours. When it comes to convenience, our bondsmen are the ones to call. Call now (706) 549-7777 to get bailed out fast!

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Looking for a emergency 24 hour bail bondsman? You have come to the right place. At Athens Bonding Company, we provide emergency bail bonds services to Athens residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a friend or family member is in custody, they usually will be eligible for bail in the first few hours after their arrest. Our local BOGART bail bondsmen are ready to assist you to help get your loved one out of jail fast. You don’t need to pay the full bail amount. Athens Bonding Company will help you get your loved one out of jail for usually around 10% of the full amount. We are an experienced BOGART 24 hr emergency bail bonding company. Don’t get stuck with the wrong bail bond company. Athens Bonding Company has been providing City bail bonds for over 30 years. Minutes in the County jail will feel like hours to you and your loved ones. So call Athens Bonding Company to be your knowledgeable and professional bail bondsman company. 24/7 Emergency Bonding Service 706.549.7777

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Looking for a fast BOGART bail bondsman? At Athens Bonding Company, we understand the challenges facing those in need of a bail bonds . We are licensed professional bail bondsmen that will answer any of your questions and will guide you through the process quickly so you can get your loved one home safe and sound. We provide fast bail bonding services for Athens-Clarke, Oconee and Madison Counties. Our professional, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to treating every client with the respect they deserve. We will give you honest, accurate and effective solutions for fast release from jail. We have been one of the most respected bail bonding company for over 30 years.

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Probation Violation – Theft Charge

Weapons Violation – Assault (Simple and Aggravated)

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Bail Bonds Process BOGART Georgia

How the Bail Bonds Process Works in BOGART. When a person is charged with a crime and put in jail, they have the option of posting bail. According to the charges filed, the courts set the bond amount. The cost of the bond is 10% of the total bond amount. Some form of guarantee or collateral to assure the client’s appearance in Court is required by the bonding company. The collateral requirements may vary according to the charges, and individual circumstances. The bond is discharged and all collateral is returned to the depositor once the client complies with all the conditions of the bail contract. What happens if the defendant fails to appear? Contact your bondsman as soon as possible to review what options are available to you if you think the defendant is going to flee. , He is considered a fugitive if a defendant fails to appear before the court and a bench warrant is issued for their arrest. The bail bond agent makes every effort to locate the fugitive and return them to custody. However, the bail agent must pay the entire bond amount to the court if the bail bond agent is unable to locate the fugitive. The bail bond agent can recover the cost by turning to the collateral to reimburse the loss. Call Now (706) 549-7777 for a BOGART Bail Bondsman